Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our own little August Rush

ok Maybe not August Rush but, who knew. Ok so for my birthday I asked for tickets for Jason, Landry and I to go to Micheal w Smith with the Symphony. The show was actually on Tuesday. So here we go off to the Symphony not real sure how Landry is going to handle it. He is so excited, Which kinda shocked me. He gets there and is big eyed just looking around.
Then we get to our seats which our int he Choral terrace so we are overlooking the instruments and everything. That also means everyone can see us. Terror sets in when I realize everyone can see us. So Landry is looking around, starting to get a little bored. The Orchestra comes out and worms up. Yeah yeah whatever. I am thinking this is going to be a LONG night. Then the conductor comes out and they begin all together. Landry stood up big huge smile and his eyes as big around a sauce res. for the next hour I kept pulling him back into his chair about every 5 minutes. He was so into it. then he started conducting . It was crazy... He really enjoyed it.. until about intermission a good hour into he and Jason started getting fidgety. But after intermission he came back and watched until they started the songs he really had no idea what they were. Then they went back into Christmas songs and he was back trying to stand up. Not sure I was successful in my mission for him to continue his piano thru this, but at least he has an appreciation for the music. Who knew...Music does tame the savage beast.

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