Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Luke's First School Play.. So Luke sang tonight at church.. He looked more like a jack in the box than anything. He sang sat down stood up sang sat down .. It was really kinda funny. One time he was laying down and stuck his arm in the air and waved so all you see is kid.. kid.. kid..big hole where kid should be with arm sticking up waving.. Kid.. Kid.. really funny.
So I'm not saying that I am my fathers daughter but they sang proud to be an American ( i know its a Christmas program but hey) And I was like getting chocked up I actually was like about to boo hoo right there .. Oh my gosh so out of character for me.. all these little people singing in those little voices a song that mean soo much WAHHHH .. Ok so I guess it was a good thing my kid was making funny faces and being a jack in the box or I would have been a wreck. Anyways if you ever need a good laugh find so kids program to goto and there you go.. you could not pay me enough to be a music teacher..

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