Wednesday, December 12, 2007

gingerbread ok grahm cracker houses!!!!

Today was Pats at my house and somewhere somehow we decided that making gingerbread houses would be a fun cute idea. How this ended up at my house hmmm... So a little white powder sugar everywhere never really hurt anyone. So after a morning of cleaning and making icing our friends start showing up. We love our Friends and are so happy to see them. So the kiddos are off to play , moms are talking and yapping about all sorts of fun mom stuff. Then its time to start the lesson. We read the gingerbread baby book, which is just to cute!! ( thanks H)

and we are off to make gingerbread houses. The kiddos are so excited and can't wait, that last about 10 minutes then the moms get to finish and play and decorate. Hey what can I say we tried. We had fun not sure the kids got the concept but the mommys had a great time making our houses. What would we do with out our group..

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