Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of school

We did all the traditional things..

The night before we got out your "go to school Luke" doll. IT has been on your shelf for years.

We read the kissing hand.

WE snuggled and talked about the next day and what to expect..

Then you excitedly went to sleep.. mommy not so much.

The next morning you woke up all smiles ready to go.

We ate the traditional smiley face pancakes..

You held my hand just a little tighter than before. walked alittle slower than usually but when we got to the door of your classroom and you saw your friends. You almost forgot to give me a hug and a kiss.

and that kissing hand was long forgotten.

You're very first day of school.. You acted like you had been doing this forever.
You were confident and happy.

and mommy waited til I got out of your eye shot to break down.

You seem to really like your teacher and she likes you.. her name is Mrs. Troup

Oh and to top it off.. Landry who is going into 4th grade did not even want me to walk him in to class today.. wahhhh why do they have to grow up?


Cathi_in_TX said...

Oh wow, what a big day!! What are you going to do??

Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants said...

I remember leaving all of mine on that first day and crying! I love the kissing hand book, such a great story for kiddos going to school. What will you do with your days now?

spinning in our own direction said...

Its only a 2 day a week program we are still homeschooling the other 3 days and one of those days he is at school I am working,