Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You're my favorite meatball!

What?? What a crazy name for a post you say.
Yep pretty much..It will all become clear in a minute.
Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know the days where you wake up running and goto bed falling on your face. One of those days that you need a whole day to recover from.. One of those days where you say anyone of these activity's by themselves would hae been good enough for a day.

SO it all started with Landry having a sleepover, this is #4 in 7 days!!
In the morning, we went to Bounce U..Its a giant inflatable land. WE were there for 3 hours!! 3 HOURS!!! of yelling!!! Screaming and bouncing. THE kids came out all dripping with sweat. Begging to goto the pool.
Me being super awesome cool mom said yes but first we have to do a,b,c..
Ok ..SO I drag 4 kids into 3 stores and then to McDonald's.
We play at MCD's for about an hour then goto lifetime to swim..

At lifetime I swim some laps while they play(yes I can see them the whole time,mom)
After my laps, b/c I am super cool awesome fun mom I decide to go play with the 4 kids that are mine. Well let me just tell you.. a strange thing happens when an adult gets ina pool to play with their kids. You end up with a mes of kids you've never seen before wanting to play.

SO Landry wants to play this meatball game.. If you are the meatball everyone else is the spaghetti and they are trying to catch you. Guess who was the meatball.
Yep me... They were all chasing me and in case you didn't know one against 6 not so much fair..

after the pool we took one kid home, went to get ice cream and went to karate..
Then the boys went over to play with Nonna while we went out to Schyler's going away party.
SO Finally tucking him in bed that night, He says mommy your my favorite meatball..

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Umpa said...

THAT is the best compliment he could give you !!