Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is not suppose to happen for 9 more years!!!!

When did I stop being cool or at least fashion cool for boys!! I mean I would understand if I had a girl and she didn't want to wear what I picked out. I am a P.E. teacher at hear t after all but, seriously How is it Wind pants and t shirt are not cool enough for him to wear to school??? No he wants jeans .. sorry kid they are too short and dirty.. then he digs out his camo jeans and a new shirt lays them down like he was wearing them ad ask if that looked good.. seriously HES 7777!!!!
another reason I wish we wore uniforms!!!!


HRH said...

you're screwed.

Happy Campers said...

He's gonna call the Fab 5 on you. Better whip out that credit card...fashion matters! Coming from the lady who wore flip flops that were 8 years old to CoOp today. But still.