Thursday, March 27, 2008

catch up time..

Ok so spring break was Little crazy.. anyone surprised?? I mean seriously wouldn't you be concerned f it was not crazy. never a dull moment in our house. so just for sanity reasons I'll break it down by day..
Monday: My aunt came in from Tennessee so we spent the afternoon with her. We did go bowling and to kids kastle, but remember my kid is still not eating and not suppose to be running around. opps.. ok no prolonged strenuous activity..prolonged means hours right?? we were only at kids kastle about a hour or so. I'm still following the rules.

Tuesday : Rain .. are you kidding me its spring break and its cold and raining. What to do ?? The Mall.. that's right people my poor hubby who loves me dearly went not only to the mall but to Frisco mall!!! Another successful trip to Build a bear. Anyone else think its weird that the 7 year old BOY loves build a bear and the 4 year old not so much??
Of course if you are in Frisco at feeding time you have to go to Gattis Town.. It is necessity of life. Landry was so excited he actually won on one of those fair type games and got get another stuffed animal .. the kid is about to run out of room on his bed now.

Wed: Ok we get up hang out.. Try to decide weather or not we are going out of town today or tomorrow .. Back and forth back and forth. Start to load up the Motor home.. Then at 11:30 we decide lets go to six Flags.. Yep that's just the way we are people. Indecisive to a fault. Well we were not the only people who had this great idea.. No EVERYONE in town was at 6 flags. The lines were crazy. I have NEVER seen them this long. I'm so grateful we actually didn't have to pay extra for this ( season passes) . Ok 6 flags Spring break BAD IDEA!!!
Thursday: We are up and off to Lake Murray to go 4 wheelin . Landry takes years off my life int he first couple of hours there. Why again do we do this. Oh he loves it.. its fun.. Mommy gets to do alot of praying .. No seriously .. He did great.. He went threw huge mud puddles and only got stuck once . He went down huge hills up and over hills and stayed on his bike. Yipee...
Unfortunate, Lukas' ride wasn't that smart no he was on Mommy's four wheeler.
You have to get this mental pic. b/c I don't have real pics b/c well you'll see.. Jason and i are riding along. we just pulled this other kid out of a mud hole and we are watching Landry. Jason sees this small pond/mud hole and ask me I wonder how deep that is.. Ok those of you who know me can guess what happened next.. Yep there it is Lukas and I stuck about to flip the whole stinking 4 wheeler over. Water up to the seat . me laughing and trying to keep lukas still so we don't flip and yelling for jason all at the same time. It was quiet a site. So jason comes over to the side reaches out and get Lukas who is now dangling over the side of my four wheeler. Puts him to the side with Landry and pulls me out. I wish I had a pic. but you can see why we didn't take time to do that.

Friday: Umpa come out to go 4 wheelin with us. Proceeds to throw landry in a ditch when he is pulling him back to the motorhome b/c Landry has broken his chain.

Saturday: ride.. head home for easter egg hunts... We goto the easter egg hunts and petting zoo. Go home dye eggs and get ready fro the bunny..

Sunday is a different post To be continued

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Happy Campers said...

I. Need. A. Nap after reading your blog! You guys are the busiest family I know...sure sounds like FUN! :)