Monday, March 17, 2008

Is competitve egg hunting a sport??

If competitive egg hunting is a sport I found something Landry would win a gold medal in.. We must go train for the egg Olympics now so please only bother us if you have eggs you need finding.
Seriously, I don't know if it is because the kid had been couped up in the house for 9 days or what but we went to 2 different Easter egg hunts on Saturday and the Landry cleaned up. The first one was at Unity park. They blew the buzzer and Landry was gone he ran past all the other kids and dives towards this pile of eggs. (yep getting his Easter Sunday blue jeans all muddy, yes my kids wear jeans to Church , hey they are there and happy) he seriously comes back to us 5 minutes later with his basket /bucket overflowing. his brother on the other hand not so much He is still in the walk past 5 eggs to pick up one stage. He must be coached or he will never compete at the same level as his brother. What int he world would we do.. EEKK ..
The second hunt of the day was scary. It was at Jakes hilltop park. We have gone to this hunt for 13 years, What you have a 7 year old how can you go for 13 years?? You know Jason is just a giant kid, no we took Schyler. Anyways, We have gone to this hunt for 13 years and it has never ever been as crazy busy as it was this year I bet there was at least 500 kids there. Once again Landry dominated in the 7-10 division and luke not so much in the 4-5 year olds. Stinking 5 year olds. They are vicious... So the moral to the story here is... beware of kids that have been kept in a house for 10 days they are scary when they get out..

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HRH said...

We expect no less of Landry! This may not be Luke's strength....haha