Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why do kids insist on making liars out of us!!!

I mean really .. Why is it the second you say "Oh my kid will never do that" they go and do it.. Why is that.I'm not talking about "Oh not my precious angel, he wouldn't dare hit that kid" I'm talking about "There is no way Landry will like Hockey, the first time he falls down he Will be done." Yep I said it.. Yep I'm a liar. I also said" Luke is going to be my hockey player" Yep another Lie.. I'm full of them.. someone pleas call my minister I need some spiritual guidance. Oh if you can wait until my new minister gets there.

Anyways so yesterday was the first day of real hockey.

Landry gets out there like he's been doing this his whole life scores 7 times and loves it. Was full of sweat and had a great time. Luke gets on the ice, Skates around for a few minutes ..Falls down once or twice and says he's done.


No this is not suppose to happen Landry has enough activities, He does not have any free time to play hockey.

Luke has got nothing ..Nada ..Zip ..ZERO... and now no hockey. Oh don't think I will let him off that easy .He will go back and try again but.. SERIOUSLY...


Cathi_in_TX said...

Just the luck! You are brave to even try hockey.

HRH said...

Are you going to make him reimburse you for all the underbody armor that you rushed around to find? hahaha

He could always join Reid in karate...his attention span and participation would shine in that class!

Or...well, you know how those kids are soooo different. Our 4 year olds just may be getting enough entertainment just watching big brother participating.

The problem is you can't stop hockey because he looks so cute in his hockey outfit.