Sunday, May 11, 2008

WE DID IT!!!!!

Lukas can ride a two wheeler!!!!! WE took teh training wheels off today and he took off!! HE rode right away.. I couldn't even keep up with him. About the third time down the driveway he started making skid marks!!!! I can't believe the first try he took off no problem!!! It was amazing!!! WOW!!! too COOL !! I know I'm bragging but I just couldn't believe the first time we took off the training wheels he took off riding. WOW !!


Happy Campers said...

Chalk that up there as one of those "he can't be old enough for THAT yet!" experiences. Wow...that's exciting & sad all at the same time. They're growing TOO fast!!!! Go Luke!

HRH said...

That boy has serious skillz. Must be the hockey? Seriously that is a really good thing for his leg. Just a little bill will be sent.