Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Im cheating

Ok so I'm back posting, unless you want to hear about my many many fun filled hours at the hospital you have to go back a week. SO here we are.. climb into your magic little time machine and go to last Thursday.. WVVVORRMMP.. Ok so here we are. Yea we made it , The pilot was kinda weird. Anyway, We are headed to the coolest field trip I have ever been on as part of a public school. Now, I use to teach and I have this 16 year old thing running around so I figure I have been on at least 15 field trips in my life. This was by far the best. You can only do the ft. worth zoo, casa manana, science place so many time s people. I gotta tell you when his teacher asked me to look at the web site and tell her what I thought. I thought well.. hmmm... I wasn't real sure what to think. I thought why are we going here, isn't this alot like the zoo. Nope it wasn't!! WE went to sharkarosa. ( yes my little friends we are sooo going on a field trip next year, only kids 5 and up are allowed here) Anyways, It was a very cool very educational wildlife preservation. The kids got to pet a albino kangaroo, They got to pet a Lemar, They got to pet camels, and lamas and Zebra. They learned so much about all these different animals. It was very cool. I had a great time. If anyone is looking for something to do that's different go to

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch - Home.. you will not be disappointed.

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HRH said...

So cool. I can't wait to go!