Saturday, May 17, 2008

Relay for life!!!

WOO HOO!!!We can all relax for another year. Shhwwoosh..exhale.. ok no time for that .. we have a bday party in T-minus 16 hours and counting.. cake .. check.. party favors.. check.. football field.. check.. I think we are ok..

This is HUGE!!! Last year same time Tony was not able to walk around the track this year he did a lap and a half.. GO baby BROTHER!!!
Anyway Relay was awesome as always. Lots of participants. Only lost Luke one or 2 times. HE was making laps around he track.. we figure he ran about 2 miles..Actually ran.. It was too funny Hes arms have to be tired b/c they move twice as fast as his legs.. It was a fun time for all.. My poor little survivors didn't feel great so they left early but.. here are some pics. Thanks to all of you who helped support us this year. Until next year..

Ok b/c I am crazy girl BEFORE the relay on Friday morning Lukas and I went out to Main street days at Grapevine.. TOO MUCH FUN!!! It really was a good time.. We drove remote control cars on a dirt track.. we fished. Luke caught a HUGE catfish.. HUGE .. seriously.. WE jumped in jump houses.. We rode the train.. WE SAW WHITE TIGERS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!!! We had a good time just mommy and luke.. Just reminds me that slowing down and smelling the roses is a good thing.. I love hanging out with my boy.. Another reason he is not going to pre school. Might be selfish reason but, i love hanging out with him. 99.5% of the time. There are those .5% where I am on the Internet searching for boarding schools.. ok maybe its a little more than .5% maybe more like 2% .. anyway. It was great!!!


Renee said...

Hi Melissa! Yay! I love your blog! It is fun spending one on one time with the kids isn't it? It is great, but sometimes hard to come by. You are a hilarious writer! TTYL!

HRH said...

I wished we had gone with you (in the am). How did the sleep deprivation thing go?

spinning in our own direction said...

Not the funnest of days on saturday we had multiple meltdowns.. today was great!! i need toupdate..