Thursday, October 28, 2010

The State fair

< We LOVE LOVE LOVE the State Fair.

We saw these cuties at the petting zoo, we think they look like lama

We Always do the little hands on the farm. Kids get to walk through and pretend they are farmers. Then when they get done"working" they get paid and get candy.

They milk cows, plant vegt ables..

harvest their garden.

and of course ride their tractors to feed the animals. uhmm I'm sure this qualifies as 2 feet on the ground.. since we are a whole whopping 6 days from breaking his arm.

Landry's Favorite art of the fair. This year they did a tribute to Tom Landry. I wish we could have spent more time there but it was a long line to get in and a lot of reading. HE really liked looking at all the memorabilia.

Some more than others.

It was a great time and we got to hang with our friends. We always go on homeschool day. There are not very many people there at all. And homschoolers get in FREE.. so you gotta love that.

Happy Birthday Stinky head

7!! 7 is a BIG number!
7 is no longer little.
7 is "real school"
7 is its time to get serious. ok maybe not
7 is tall.
7 has LOTS of friends.
7 has Lots of personality
7 is full of jokes some funny some not so much.
7 cracks me up.
Yeah for 7!!

SO we had to do some changing in lukes birthday party plans because well. he broke his arm the day after his birthday and there went the swim party :(.
Ekk what to do ..what to do.. a Putt Putt party!! Broken kids can still play putt
So we gathered only his best buddies and went to putt putt.

Did I mention at 7 we are still loving Lego's ..Lego everything!!!

Happy birthday lukie tookie ..WE LOVE YOU!!!