Monday, September 8, 2008

EKKK I've been tagged ...

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1. Tom Boy almost to a fault..notice the word ALMOST... Hey I've been in a skort for 2 days now. I'm making progress.

2. My kid is ADHD for a reason his mommy made him that way.. We do not and can not stay still nor do we want to...

3. I love Bread. I know carbs.. but I could live off bread alone.

4. I have to eat breakfast before I eat anything else, It has to be cereal or pancakes, or something like that. no eggs YUCK!! ( haven't been able to eat those since I was Pregnant with Landry)

5. I make my husband stop at any and all children's museums with in the state even on vacation. I will even make us leave a destination early so we have time to stop. Same with Airshows.

6. My goal when we are out four wheeling is to see how muddy I can get mean d everyone else with me and how many times I can make my husband scream Melissa don't go thru that and pull me out. :) but I guess that kinda goes with #1.

7. Since 1 and 6 are so close I thought I would throw in one more.. I hate to cook .. Can't stand it .. But I love to bake. Anytime we are stuck at home we will make something usually something that can be dies a different color or have candy worms put in it.

I have to thank my friend Renee over at Whitaker Legacy for tagging me.. I would in response tag.. Deb, Kim, Holly, and Cathy.

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Renee said...

Hey! Cool, glad you joined the party!! You are so cute. I love it that you are a tomboy. I knew it the first day I met you at co-op and you were in PJs, ponytail, and no makeup...AND YOU WERE AS CUTE AS A BUG! We have a lot in common. (Not the cute part, but the 4-wheelin' muddy, tomboy part!)