Monday, January 12, 2009

The Derby

Last Saturday was the Pinewood Derby. For those of you who live in a cave or have not been exposed to this insane event, I will do some explaining..

You see if you have a cub scout this is the event of the year.The scout is given a chunk of wood and some tires.
He is suppose to make a car out this chunk o wood, paint it , put weights in it and race it. This is usually a father son thing. Not good for Mommy's who are obsessive about the pinewood derby. Ok so I have a confession to make, The only reason I wanted Landry to do scouts is so that we could do the pinewood derby. You see once back on once upon a time time... Mommy won this Huge trophy for pinewood derby. That later got taken away but that's another post.
Then schyler won with his pinewood derby car. Soo, this is like a rite of passage at our house.
Ok back to the story... Landry and daddy get this block of wood and Lukas they do a sibling race.
For weeks .. WEEKS people they work on this block of wood. Finally it is done 2 nights before the race. Well guess what happens Landry comes home and starts playing with his car.. Yep you guessed it..

Yep that's right all you cold people those are shorts in January..

Landry drops his car, wheels fly off, rocket boosters fly off, wood breaks..
CRRRRAAAAPPPP!!!! ok this would be a good lesson, nope not going to fix it, hysterical sobbing.
Finally Jason calmed me down and said we would glue it back together. oh I felt much better.

Lets just say the glue job didn't hold and had to be done again and again,so our pretty little car not so pretty and so not going to win.. Ok that's ok good lesson for landry.

The cars..

The kids..

The Trophies..

Needless to say landry didn't win. He almost won 3rd and I'm still not sure how his car even made it down the track much less fast enough to almost win 3rd. I thought it was going to fall apart again before it hit the finish line.

The Track

Ok but the kicker to this is the Dad's, The dad who showed up with his sons in egg foam lined plastic case. The Dads who stood over by the cars and analyzed each one and made plans for the next year. The Dad who this is his last year so thought he would share some his racing secrets with us. Really who is this is suppose to be for??


Happy Campers said...

That looks awesome!

Renee said...

That is funny! We are in American Heritage Girls which is linked with the scouts; we were allowed to do the derby but chose not to. I think I would've like it too!

Stir Frequently said...

How FUN is this...I can't wait to hear the "other" story!

spinning in our own direction said...

My Dad is an engineer .. Do I really need to expain any more..