Thursday, July 17, 2008

8 days in Paradise ( or close enough)

2 days traveling there....

Jellyfish everywhere..

Thunderstorms everyday...

Finally getting to go on the beach...

Seeing the Blue angles over the Ocean..

The Smile on my kids Face and time to reconnect as a family..


Ok I know a little cheesy but.. Destin was AWESOME!!

We Had great time.. Landry loved the Ocean.. Luke loved the beach.. we went 6 days in a row..
Ok so everyday there was a thunderstorm.. one of those 4 people on the same beach as us were struck by lightning. not good..

My fearless child went out amongst the huge # of Jelly fish to try to boogie board. He did a really good job and really got the hang of it.
Luke looked at the jellyfish and would not get in the water the rest of the trip.

The Blue Angels were Awesome. They were sooo close and soo cool. Both boys loved it.
We also went to the Navy base in town and saw all the planes and such.

Ok so a short day by day

Day one: Drive.. goto Vicksburg Miss.. note to everyone.. don't goto Vicksburg with a history teacher...
Day 2... WOOHOO get to Florida.. stop at he USS ALabama.. ( Navy war ship.. once again not a good idea with a history teacher)

Get to Florida goto the beach b/c the kids are dying to see it. Most beautiful white sand

Day 3. Beach until it rains .. shop .. more beach

Day 4.. Pensacola air show.. Us and 300,000 of our closest friends go to Pensacola to see the airshow. It was crazy people were everywhere. I live in Dallas and I have never seen this many people in one place ever!!
BIG HUGE THUNDERSTORM show cancelled bummer we go to the Flight museum.. that was cool

Day 5. Pensacola air show rescheduled.. Defiantly worth the wait. It was awesome.. It was too cool.. I've been to lots and lots of airshows. This one was by far the best I have ever seen. It was too cool!!

After the show drive to Destin to take pic of boys on beach at Sunset. ( they will be your Christmas cards so you have to wait)

Day 6. Goofy golf and go carts .. this place was a lot like Mountatia in Plano. The boys liked it. The golf was super fun. Luke drove a go cart by himself . Everyone had fun.
Then we went to Lunch at Gator Island. Fed the gators, held the gator( ok fearless held the gators Luke would not even go in the room) Then we went to the beach the rest of the day, I caught a Jelly fish !!! then went to these shop that had a kids kastle type playground. It was tons of fun lots of BIG boats there.

Day 7. Beach.. Beach... and more Beach.. not a jelly fish in sight water you could see for miles. We were there like 6 hours. It was tons of fun

day 8. DRIVE 14 hours home...

Day 7. Went to the beach ..

We had a great time .. I will post pics some other time. soon...


Cathi_in_TX said...

Sounds like a great vacation! I'm a beach girl myself! And do love Destin. Our "beach trip" this summer will be Lake Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Florida is beautiful isn't it. And I have never been to any of their beaches except for Destin, and it is truly breathtaking.

We are going to the mountains on Thursday; my favorite place...although the beach would have to come in second!

HRH said...

Sounds like fun...all except the jellyfish. Oh, and the history teacher thing. hahha