Friday, July 25, 2008

GO speed GO.. right to the drug cabinet

Ok seriously... First who makes a 2 + hour "kid" movie.. SERIOUSLY!!!

I took 4 Children to see Speed Racer today. This movie is the most Seizure inducing movie I have ever seen. It did keep my ADHD kid in a trance.
THere were more lights flashing and sounds crashing than most fun houses.
I mean really if you have a kid susceptible to seizures they need to put a warning on this movie.
I personally think it was a little over the top for a "kid" movie. It was scary .. had bad guys.. had killing.. not the best choice.
Ok It wasn't horrible like I said it kept 4 kids locked in for about an hour an half which is worth my $1 anytime but, then one by one I started loosing them. By the end of the movie I was like its just 5 more minutes.. I had to find out if Racer X was speeds brother. ( you know its all about me) .

I'm sure the people around me loved us by the end. kids were up .kids were down . kids were looking over the back of the seats. 2 + hours of sitting .. come on.... Get Real

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Renee said...

You're so chipper today.

Hee hee! We loved it. Despite my 5 year old changing seats many, many times too, and ending up in Dad's lap. Jack could watch cars going round and round for hours on end I think.