Saturday, February 21, 2009

catching up..

Our week was crazy so here I am catching up..

Dennis Lee and the Funky Monkey .. Formerly known as NANA PUDDIN!!! This is by far one of the coolest kids shows in town.Every year he has a different theme . This year it was all about outing good stuff in our body. Good Food . Good Thoughts .. and doing things that would make God proud. He even said something about kids wearing their pants to baggie. I laughed. We have seen him about 5 years now and every year its really a good message.

Luke and Landry both got autographs. Luke loves his red hat and wears it all the time. The kids wear the pj's after we went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.. On a school night!!! Crazy push over mommy
Just Hanging out with our Best Buddy.
Our little group had their Valentines day party at Win Kids. Luke goes there every Tuesday for class but it was a special treat to hang with our buddy.

Jump Jump Jump
Luke has come such a long way.. He was timid for the longest time now he runs from one end of the gym jumps off the trampoline and falls 3 feet into the foam block pit. He Loves it . It is his favorite thing.

Membership has its advantages.
When your Daddy is the Assistant Principal of one of the major high school in town you get to do things other kids don't and sometimes if they are lucky, You get to take you cousins along.
This is a dress Rehearsal for ALL SHOOK UP and Marcus. I pulled all 3 kids out of school early to go to it. We were there early enough they got to go backstage and meet the performers.
They also got to ask 1000 questions of the Orchestra personnel. That was probably more educational than anything they would have learned that last 45 minutes of school. They asked them how this worked and how that worked and got to see the behind the scenes of play. Then they got to watch the play. IT was AWESOME!!! These kids are talented!!

This guy is "Elvis" He was very talented and the girl was the girl he wanted.

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