Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dallas World Aquarium!!

We are so Excited to be back!!!

We are jumping for joy!! The time I had allotted to catch up our computer died so here I am catching up..
** Did You know that the reason Flamingos are that color is because of the shrimp they eat?? *** See us homeschoolers learn cool stuff too!!!

We are hanging with our best buddies at the Dallas World Aquarium.. Very Cool place !!

AHHH Ponder the meaning of life...
Or wondering how can we get to the top and slide down the waterfall.. Not sure which one.. I'm guessing the second..

Then the questions of WTF is this doing in the Aquarium???

AHH the highlight of the trip the shark tank!!! They ALL LOVED the shark tank.. Its pretty cool!!!Almost like you can reach out and touch them...

We were all Smiles!!!