Monday, April 27, 2009

Denton Arts and Jazz Festival

We have been going ot the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival for about 16 years. Holy Cow.. I just realized we have lived in the metroplex for 16 years!! WOW! Sorry ADD kicked in..

Denton Arts and Jazz festival is AWESOME!! It is 3 stages of non stop bands and or entertainment. It is very Dentonish. Yes thats a word,ask any Dentonite and they will tell you.

Anyway, It has crafts and painting and kids art tent (our favorite) and Beerman and Brave Combo.. It is just a cool place ot go hang out and watch the freaky people. A few years ago, my Dad bought a picture of a mountain in front of a lake with it refelcting off the lake. It was very cool. Ok I say a few years it was probably 10 years ago. Anyways, he had the artist sign it. Well, we were in San Fransico and stumbled upon this guys gallery. We went into see if it was the same guy. It was. I talked to his assistant and told her about the photo. She said that print is now going for $2,000!! We bought it for like $25. So, this festival draws some big names. I mean it is Denton after All.
The of course, You have the Denotonites..There was a guy yesterday walking around with a big sign over his head that said FREE HUGS.. Funny.. It's intersting how you veiw things differently when you have kids. Before I would have ben like sure give me a free hug. NowI'm like kids lets go that way away from the Child molestor. Probably just a nice guy having fun, but that mom instict is on high radar in crowded places.

Its just a super fun place to spend the afternoon. It use to be bring anything you wanted in to "grounds". Now, they say no coolers. That didn't stop people from thinking. THere were people with Wagons full of beer and food. There were people with tents set up with tables and tables of food. If you have never been you should go, Every year in April.

This is Landry using spray art
and Lukas making something with Clay

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