Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wishing you a happy Hippity Hop!!

Happy Easter!!! Christ our Lord has risen today! alleluia..
come on everyone sing...

Ok maybe not. Sorry Easter isn't Easter with out That song.So this has been the year. This is the year we have really focused on what Easter is and not the bunny and the eggs. This is the year the kids have gotten it. They are starting to understand what its all about. Landry actually listened to the preacher and has been asking questions. Questions mommy has been having a hard time answering, and there goes that childlike faith. Luke just believes. The only question he has is why is there a Easter Bunny? Good question. I got no idea.

Now not to say we haven't had our fill of gold Old Fashion Easter fun.

Nothing says Loving like blue lips

Easter Cookies

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Yes for those of you looking closely.. That is a gun in the Easeter basket.. Yes we are "that" Family..


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love it that you are "That" family! And we also did a similar tradition this year of eliminating so much focus on bunnies and eggs, etc. I have a candy jar full of Easter candy, and each time the kids want some candy, they have to "remind" me of the REAL reason for Easter. Then they can eat up!! Way to go mom!

Michelle said...

Cute boys you have...