Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you mean I forgot the trip?

I forgot nothing.. It seems my computer did not want to coperate with My trip bloging so Here's to catching up...

In case you missed the last post, Mine and Jason's 10 year wedding anniversary was March13th. ( Yes we did plan that its Always the week of Spring Break or right around there)So what did we do??
We left Monday morning had a 3 hour lay over in LA where my dad met us and took us out for lunch (thanks Dad) We got to San Fran around 9:00 Monday night. We went out got some Thai food and headed back to the hotel. Which BTW was awesome. It was an old inn and we had the penthouse suite ( thanks again mom and dad) When we got there the lady said " Oh you upgrade to penthouse" Imagine a asian accent there
We say no .. she say yes.. no. yes.. no .. yes..NO!! .. yes see here .. My parents had called and upgraded us. Ok Collaborative AWWWWW.
So Tuesday we headed out bright and early out the hotel door at 9:00. We had a cruise to Alcatraz at 11:00 plenty of time right.. HA HA.. nope..We walked to the pier. On the way we say this beautiful Cathedral it was breath taking. Unbelievable!!
We hung out there for a while. Then headed up up up to the pier yes. That's right up to goto the pier, because everything in San fran is up hill..
Alcatraz was very cool we were there a couple of hours it was neat. Jason LOVED it. Then we went to the Warf to shop.. AHHH my place.. History.. HEH Shopping AHH.. WE shopped and saw the sights . Went on cruise out and under the Golden Gate Bridge. That thing is HUGE. Then we rode the trolley, Yes I hung off the side and said the San Fransisco treat.
Tuesday was St. Patty's day and being that I am a red headed we were looking must celebrate. It's the Law.. So we asked around and headed the Castro, which is the Homosexual area of San Fran. It was defiantly eye opening. Or Eye closing depending on what we were looking at.
We rented a car and headed up to NAPA.. Lets just say we had a grape time.. HA HA oh come on it was too easy..Seriously. My cousin Jay had set us up at this winery that treated us very well. IT was a small place and they gave us a half glass for each wine. We came out of there with 8 bottles in tow. 6 of which Jay gave us as a Anniversary present. Thanks Jay Boy. Then Jason poured me into the car and the rest of the day is a litle blurry..
Thursday . Time to come home.. Back to real world but only for a few hours.

Then we are off to go camping and four wheeling and a new addtion of Dirt Bike riding.
No I dont have any pics of this my hands were over my eyes most of the time. Landry is now on 2 wheels!!! EEKK... He fell probably 50 times but he got up each time and started it back up. There were only one or twon of those I was actually concerned over but still, nothing like watching your "baby" scream by you on 2 wheels.
Ugghh My poor gray hairs

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Cathi_in_TX said...

Wow it looks like you had a great trip! So fun. Happy 10th! :)