Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boys and Trucks
Trucks and Boys
They are one and the same
at least at my house
so when Monster Jam came to town...
We Were sooo there!!!
I went to Ft. worth with a friend the week before and while we were there we drove to scary scary world to pick up pit passes... so worth it..
We got on the dirt and up close and personal with the trucks.
My boys favorite truck is Monster Mutt.. They think he is super cool.. I think its because his tongue goes in and out and his ears flap in the wind when he drives ( he is pretty stinking cute .. for a monster truck)
Being MY boys.. they HAD to get an autograph from the driver.. so they got super cute hats and had monster mutt sign them.

and of course the day would not be complete without grave digger.. Not crazy about this one but apparently its a big deal..

The show was very good .. I never thought I would actually like a monster truck show but..
Every car wrecked which of course is what the fans wanted.
During intermission they had a four wheel race.. and then a dirt bike stunt show.. Landry was in heaven .. not sure this helped me in trying to change his mind about being a professional dirt bike rider.

May all your dreams be as big as monster trucks...

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