Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sharka Sharka Shakarosa

What do we LOVE about homeschooling??

Spending the day at Sharkarosa!! We think Sharkarosa is one of the coolest places ever.

You can take a safari Tram to look and touch all kinds of animals.Horses, Zebra's, Warthogs, deer and CAMELS!!

There were lots of talks today about the different animals. Lots of up close time..

On homeschool day, Sharkarosa invites all sorts of special guest. There was 3 tables of different types of skulls. Luke loved that. He is all about bones.
Critterman ( one of our favorites) was there. He had a great spill. He had tarantula's and snakes and possums ( yuck and grrrr) and Alligators.. The boys got to feel the alligator..

Another talk that we listened to was the marsupial talk. ( kangaroo's) They had 3 baby kangaroos jumping around and told all about them.. Then asked for question and answer.. Normal questions.. How tall are they.. how far can they jump that kinda thing..
Luke's question.. Why does that one way in the back have only one arm?
So she tell him about how that Kangaroo was born that way b/c his mommy got in a fight when he was in her pouch and how he had to learn how to balance and things with only one arm.
**keep with me this is important especially when you have a kid with physical issues.*

Anyways, so that kangaroo is now the strongest and fastest out of all the kangaroos they have there. Yeah!! great take home for the kid that can't run :)
They also had ring tail lemurs but none with a good pic of Lukas and since this is a mommy blog...The kids also got to touch a baby black bear. Yep no pictures of that one either.
But .. the original question was
Why do we LOVE homeschooling......

Our Buddies!!

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blessedintexas said...

Awesome! We've been wanting to check out Sharkarosa for a long time and just haven't made it up there. It looks like Lukas had a really great time. Now I'm really itchin' to go!