Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of school

We did all the traditional things..

The night before we got out your "go to school Luke" doll. IT has been on your shelf for years.

We read the kissing hand.

WE snuggled and talked about the next day and what to expect..

Then you excitedly went to sleep.. mommy not so much.

The next morning you woke up all smiles ready to go.

We ate the traditional smiley face pancakes..

You held my hand just a little tighter than before. walked alittle slower than usually but when we got to the door of your classroom and you saw your friends. You almost forgot to give me a hug and a kiss.

and that kissing hand was long forgotten.

You're very first day of school.. You acted like you had been doing this forever.
You were confident and happy.

and mommy waited til I got out of your eye shot to break down.

You seem to really like your teacher and she likes you.. her name is Mrs. Troup

Oh and to top it off.. Landry who is going into 4th grade did not even want me to walk him in to class today.. wahhhh why do they have to grow up?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When the kids smarter than the babysitter

So Lukas never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh.
Today he was swimming with Landry, Harley and Hailey.. Uncle Scooter.. and Uncle Tony..
It seems Landry can't get along with Hailey, they fight with in seconds of being his together.
SO Uncle scooter in all his wisdom today put a spoon on the side of the pool in the middle. Told Harley and Landry they had this half of the pool, Lukas and Hailey the other half. Well about 30 minutes later, Lukas sneaks over gets the spoon and very discreetly takes it out of the pool all together.
I though that was pretty funny.

Then Uncle tony was telling them that it looked like lightning.. They needed to get out of the pool.
Scooter said yea like in Wichita Falls ( being sarcastic)
Lukas goes yeah that's like over 50 miles away. It will take awhile for it to get here.

HA Love to watch other people deal with 6 year old logic..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You're my favorite meatball!

What?? What a crazy name for a post you say.
Yep pretty much..It will all become clear in a minute.
Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know the days where you wake up running and goto bed falling on your face. One of those days that you need a whole day to recover from.. One of those days where you say anyone of these activity's by themselves would hae been good enough for a day.

SO it all started with Landry having a sleepover, this is #4 in 7 days!!
In the morning, we went to Bounce U..Its a giant inflatable land. WE were there for 3 hours!! 3 HOURS!!! of yelling!!! Screaming and bouncing. THE kids came out all dripping with sweat. Begging to goto the pool.
Me being super awesome cool mom said yes but first we have to do a,b,c..
Ok ..SO I drag 4 kids into 3 stores and then to McDonald's.
We play at MCD's for about an hour then goto lifetime to swim..

At lifetime I swim some laps while they play(yes I can see them the whole time,mom)
After my laps, b/c I am super cool awesome fun mom I decide to go play with the 4 kids that are mine. Well let me just tell you.. a strange thing happens when an adult gets ina pool to play with their kids. You end up with a mes of kids you've never seen before wanting to play.

SO Landry wants to play this meatball game.. If you are the meatball everyone else is the spaghetti and they are trying to catch you. Guess who was the meatball.
Yep me... They were all chasing me and in case you didn't know one against 6 not so much fair..

after the pool we took one kid home, went to get ice cream and went to karate..
Then the boys went over to play with Nonna while we went out to Schyler's going away party.
SO Finally tucking him in bed that night, He says mommy your my favorite meatball..