Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Day 2 of disney.. Animal kingdom.. We were all exhausted fromt eh day before but thats ok b/c disney is so awesome. Wehn you go into animal kingdom every thing is shady, and beautiful . The trees and plants make it gorgeous. THen of course there is the tree of life in the middle. We love the tree fo life but did not get to spend as much time there as I would have liked. IT was hot 101.. WE did the safri trama nd IT was evferything everyone had said. IT was great , both boys wanted to ride it again. The best part was when they said to watch out for this bridge coming up and that they didnt know if we would make it across the bridge . then one part of the bridge "gave way" everyone screamed. It was great. About 5 minutes later .Luke looks at me and goes that was fake it was just robotic. Shhh yes but dont tell everyone. WE are with Tony and thier family and umpa.. They all screamed also. Umpa is having fun sharing memeories and making memories with the boys. It was a lot. I really enjoyed the lion king show. I love watching the expression on the kids faces as they watch somehting. Oh the best part.. HA Landry , harley , umpa and I went to ride Dinosaur.. Thinking it was nothing scary . HA iot was super scary like frezaky scary.. BAD BAD BAD idea! I laughed so hard. Landry sat there saying to himself over and over there just robats there just robots.. Tehn our picture they take had umpa and I yelling and you could not see either kid.. both of them had their heads down.. TO funny

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