Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Discovery Cove

Today is day 3 in Orlando. We went to discovery cove. At first I was against this idea b/c it is so expensive. But IT was totally worth it. The boys loved snorkling. THere were 6000 fish for htem to see. Lukas really really enjoyed it. He was hilarious. HE kept talking thru his snorkle. oh woow. Look at that. He was so excited and kept pointing things out to me. There were sting rays that were at east 6 feet across. there wwere sharks and eels and tons and tons of fish. ANd the coral reef. HE loved looking at all the differnt types of corals. Im guessing we snorkled about 4 hours straight. Landry of course loved it also, HE however just did not seem enarly as impressed as Lukas was. He liked it and snorkled and stuff but not to the awe factor lukas had. THen we got a 45 minute incounter with the dolphins, we met 3 difffernt dolphins. The boys loved that and then tehy went out in teh deep water 15 feet deep, and treaded water until the dolphin came by then you grabbed his dorsil fina dn his flipper and he gave you a ride around the pool. It was awesome. I loved it, Both boys loved it. It was very very cool.
A very memorable day!!! Thansk umpa for making us go! Love ya!

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