Friday, May 1, 2009

and so it is....

There they are...

Nice pressed ( by mom of course) white Gei's.

Their belts tied just so..

The looks on their faces like they will puke at just any second..

Yep, It's belt test time at Turner's Martial Arts.

Landry and 12 others in his class were testing for their next level.

It begins.

There is yelling.

There is Screaming.

There are looks of desperation.(and that was from the instructor)

There were cringes.

There were hands being raised " Sir, May I start over".

And then...

There were tears... lots and lots of tears..

and by a few smiles and jumping up and down smiles...

Landry was one of 4 that passed. Way to go JL.. I'm really proud of you!!!
He is now a 2nd Brown belt.. 3 more to go on the way to black..

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