Thursday, May 7, 2009

When Swine Flu attacks!!!

What do you do when Swine Flu Attacks?
These are very important instructions you must follow to the letter..
Day 1 ( Monday)
Wake up late.

Play around house, make pancakes..

Go to Park to go Fishing.

Realize fish are smarter than they look.
Admire all the baby ducks. Ohh they are sooo cute!!!
Play at park since fishing was not successful.

Home eat lunch..

Go on LONG bike ride to playground with good buddies from school.

Get stopped by police!!!

WHAT!! Yes.. you read that correctly.. Get stopped by police!!
Yes people ONLY in highland village will the police stop you on the bike path to tell you that you as a parent are doing a horrible job and have not adequately protected your kids head. (they had on skateboard helmets not bike helmets)

BUT... at least, the nice police say " come by the station and we will give you all new helmets) YIPEEE...

So, we play then ride to the station,

the officer that ended up helping us was Jason's SRO from school.

He made funny comments about Luke's big head and is ordering Landry and Ty helmets because all they had left was purple EWWWW...

Monday night.. Karate... swine flu does not affect martial artist apparently.

TUESDAY.. ( are you tired yet)

Tuesday morning we get up bright and early and head to Gainsville.

Yes, Gainsville.. because in Gainsville they have a little zoo where you can actually feed giraffes. Landry thought this was the coolest thing EVER!!

my computer not so much liking me right now so you will have to live with sideways pics. sorry

So, it was a rainy nasty day and apparently Gainsvillians can't be scared off by the Swine flu either because there was a field trip.

BUT.. we left and went to lunch and then the boys decided they wanted to go back to the zoo.. Ok.. We were the ONLY people there. AND there is a very cool park out front where their very cool mom played tag with them. It was a great time.

Then, we are suppose to go camping..

Well LISD decided to go back to school so there goes camping UNLESS
You are super mom..


We actually low keyed it for a while.. Boys slept til like 10:00 ( we stayed up watching Facing the Giants the night before)

Then.. We get a call.. You guys wanna go to a creek..

DUH.. Swine flu doesn't attack creeks!!
SO we pack up the bikes and head to this creek, I came home with one very wet child..

and one dry child..

It was great fun..

( Yes, I know they are suppose to be in school but I already had tickets:) )
We went to Casa Manana playhouse in Ft worth. TO see a year with Frog and Toad..

Very cute..
Then off to t he botanical gardens. We LOVE the botanical garden. I always think maybe they will actually learn something.
Well Landry did !!

He learned that trees poop.. Yep that's right he found the only lift a flap that talked about poop.. Yea me.. Be careful what you wish for..

They Had an awesome time with great friends.
Yes he does look wet... Its like a magnet.. water= landry wet

Then.. We went to the stockyards to the Human Cattle maze..

It was hilarious.. Great.. I loved it.. The kids loved it.. It was this huge maze and you had to goto different stations and get you card punched so you could spell out MAZE and then you were done and you took it up front and they tell you how long it took you and give you a little prize. Very fun!!

and the stockyards is not complete wih out a trip to Billy Bob's ..

It is Thursday night.. Landry goes back to school tommorrow. Ahhhh...


texasholly said...

AWESOME. So sorry I missed a portion of the week...ha. Check out June Cleaver tomorrow for Frog and Toad pics. I need to get that one of Rhett with your boys near the stage!

Cathi_in_TX said...

Oh wow - what a week. Thank you God for swine flu! Well, not really but you sure had a fun week off. We just had to wash our hands a lot w/ Purell!