Monday, May 4, 2009

Having a Dog gone good time...

Ok let me preface this in saying NOT MY IDEA!!!


Not my IDEA!! got the picture..

Ok so Landry has this fascination with his dogs birthday. I don't know why, But he does.

So, after asking us over and over and over again finally last year we told him May1st.

Never thinking another thing about it.


May 1st.. It goes a little something like this.

Landry opens his eyes..

It's Rusty's birthday. We have to have a party.. He needs a cake . We have to go buy presents.. Let's invite, Christy and Max and Pammy over (other dogs we know)

Mommy scratches her head..WHAT??

Landry repeats...



But mom.....

Lukas then wakes up...

Its Rusty's Birthday. Can we have a party??

He's a DOG!!!!

Harley's (their cousins) birthday was the day before and they said nothing except Happy birthday Harley.

So we compromise with a present and a cake.. NO dog friends and the people eat the cake not the dog!!!

SO here you go...


Happy Campers said...

SUCKER!!! Actually, that's very cute & now you know next May 1st you'll have more time to prepare. HA! :)

Stir Frequently said...

I can't wait till my Dogs party!!! And I do know the dates. Sept 4th Pumpkin and Oct 2 Peanut. It's on our calendar. How COULD you even think of passing up an opportunity to have a party. Mark your calendar! :)
It's A Dog Party!