Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am mother of the year!!! Really don't even try to catch me!!!

Yep, Its official !!! I have all the guilt to go with it. I AM THE MOMMY OF THE YEAR!!! What did I do to earn such a honor you ask.. * I hear you asking* I sent Landry to school on Tuesday morning to buy his lunch with no lunch money on his account. My poor baby had to put back his pizza and eat a cold nasty cheese sandwich. No not a grilled cheese sandwich. 2 pieces of cheap nasty bread with piece of cheap nasty cheese. so basically my little growing boy did not have lunch yesterday. Poor little thing!!!


Happy Campers said...

And you admit this? I'm calling CPS. hehehehehehehe

Your braids were cute today!

HRH said...

Poor baby. I think it is funny that it is the kid with all the food restrictions.