Tuesday, April 8, 2008

reality check...

Ok so this is a 2 part post ..
First, a good friend of mine collapsed at work on Thursday last week. Come to find out she has a brain tumor. BUT, If you have a tumor its the best type of tumor to have. Its not cancerous ( they think) it doesn't have any fingers and once you take it out it doesn't come back.
Last night at 6:30ish she had a blood clot go thru her heart and cause a serious of massive heart attacks, They revived her multiple times and finally the family made a decision to give her some medication that might save her but might cause brain damage. Not good options. That is when they called to tell us so we rush up to the hospital. By the time we get there the Dr. had just come out and the medication has started working and she is "off of deaths door" . Praise God!! she is no where out of the woods. We hang out for the next critical 4 hours and go home. This morning she is responsive and doing much better.

Part 2:
My church family amazes me.. It really does. Jason and I have struggled with our church the last year. mainly b/c we were having pastor problems. But here is what happened..
we got the call at 6:30 ish. It said call people and start praying. I went down my call list of about 15 people. Only 5 or so of those people had not already been called by someone else. SO basically with in about 15-30 minutes she had 100's of people praying. I believe that is why they were able to revive her so many times. I just am in awe of this church family if someone falls there is a huge group of people to pick them up. This is not the first time I have seen this. When my brother had cancer there were people making blankets for the whole family and praying and they had never even met him. It is an awesome thing to witness.
I know politic and religion don't have a spot in "blogworld" but I just had to say....

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Happy Campers said...

THanks for sharing...I hope your friend is doing OK today. Wow. Life really can take a quick turn, can't it?