Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why do I do this again??

So ALL week I have been baking and just for those of you that do not know.. I DO NOT COOK!!! I HAVE NO DESIRE TO COOK. Once more, I live in a 1973 built home with what I am starting to believe is the original oven. NOT GOOD.. The darn thing never cooks right. Good excuse not to cook right?? Yea except for when your sons teacher ask you to make treats for the week and gives you the recipes. No problem I say. Forgetting I have the oven from HELL. So off we goto cook.
First attempt.. (sunday night)Rice Krispy balls. No Problem. If you can read the instructions. I'm stirring my rice krispys trying to figure out why they are not sticking.. look at recipe again..yep that's right I put in like a double batch of rice krispys and only a single batch of Marshmallows. HA HA luckily I had marshmallows left over from camping. Zap those and we are good..
Second Attempt: Layered Sugar cookies ( tuesday night) Lets just say they so did not work. What wasn't gooey in the middle was burnt. Not my fault the oven right.
Third attempt: Layered Sugar cookies DUE Tomorrow (Wed. Night) Success Kinda .. I had to put them back in the oven to finish cooking but kept a very close eye on them. Hurray!! Yea not so much so I get the perfect cookies out of the oven. Think these would be great if I put some icing on them so that can be like the earths surface. ( see I had a plan,remember these are suppose to be rocks) Ok so the icing seeps down into the cookie and no you can't see the Freakin layers Uhm the whole point of the stupid cookie is to see the layers!!!
Did I mention I don't cook!!!! Now I have to figure out how to make Almond bark for a kid who is allergic to nuts. That would be my kid by the way so I really shouldn't complain.
Maybe if he wasn't driving me crazy today I would be happier about this.
Did I mention I DON'T COOK!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

catch up time

Ok Ok I know I am a slacker.. What can I say.. sorry..

My hubby thinks I am off my rocker. Why you ask?? I can hear the suspense in your reading..
Here is why my hubby thinks I am off my rocker today. tomorrow will have a reason all its own.
So I have written this down cut it out and taped it all over the house.." My child is different b/c he was put in this world to make a difference"
Ok don't give me credit. I so copied it from somewhere else. But It made sense. If you have ever meet my oldest or if you know his story you know he is not the easiest child to raise.In fact he is down right hard to manage,raise and keep calm when you are around him. I love him with my whole heart don't get me wrong. He just puts me to the test on a daily basis. I also typed up this note and stuck it to Landrys door. Things I love about Landry: ..
He asked today what all those papers are for and i said to help mommy remember how special you are and help me not to get frustrated with you. So tonight on the 15th time I told him to get in bed(when he was jumping off the end of his bed making slam dunks to an invisible basketball goal.) I started to get a little frustrated. He said mommy do you need to read my door. UGHHH KID IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE SMARTER THAN PARENT!! There should be a rule, kids should not make their parents fell like the size of ants.
Good news is things are much better now that he is on drugs. However, I think that I am losing Landry in the process. I can see a huge difference n him on drugs vs.not on drugs. Less temper tantrums, less outburst, more focus. Sounds great huh?? There are also less funny jokes, less laughing, less creative ideas . So this great and wonderful cure is it a curse or a blessing?? Right now we are only a couple of weeks into it and it seems to be both. It is helping him get through the school day better, he is actually wanting to do his homework and getting to play at recess. His grades are improving sounds wonderful. But what if I loose Landry in the process. Shouldn't there be a place where he can be what he was meant to be and still be successful. AHAHomeschool.. Uhmm did you miss the part that with our drugs he tries my every nerve.. Hmmmm.. What to do . What to do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HOLY CRAP someone take my temp PLEASE!!!!

WE STAYED HOME ALL DAY SATURDAY!!!!! OMG!!!! ok maybe not all day but close enough
I was at the gym at 7:15 then we had a basketball game at 9:00 and one at 10:30 Then we were home from 12:00 until 4:30
I know it wasn't ALL day but It was SATURDAY.. HOLY COW
at 4:30 us and everyone else in the free world went to Grapevine mills. Why you ask becouse Childrens place was having their $2.99 sale!!! HELLO... We HAVE to shop!!! Yep.. That's right my poor husband stood in the line that was all the way to the door while I shopped.. He Loves me what can I say.

Sunday we went to church and came home and stayed home.. WHAT is up with that?? We MUST be getting Old... We did consider buying ROckband so we had somehting else to do Other than Guitar Hero...

SCARRY huh??

Friday, February 15, 2008

Attack of the birds!!

I've officially gone overboard!!! We had a bird yep abird flying around our house this morning in between the screams I go get my camerea to see if I can take a picture to BLOG!! yep , we had a bird flying around our house and I wanted to take a pic. not good I need help

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning. NOT!!!

This morning started off great. I woke up early enough to start my work out routine. Landry woke up easily. Things were going great, then the cosmic shift came..
Landry went form melt down to melt down which in turn ended up with him in his room crying and me in the kitchen not caring if he was late for school.
Finally he is ready we are out the door (on time ) maybe the cosmos isn’t changing.
Home. Luke spills yogurt all over the couch while I started to clean out the fish bowl. Yep guess what happened. He screams. I dump fish down kitchen sink. Now b/c I am so not June cleaver. There were dirty dishes in the sink that I am now throwing out of the sink looking for the lost fish. I found the poor thing gripping onto life at the edge of the garbage disposal. Careful not to scoop him down, gross Can you imagine having to either dig him out or grind him up.. EWWWW.. Anyways, He is rescued and swimming around and its ONLY 8:05 !!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My poor self esteem damaged child.

setting: Dr. Office with Landry making things out of blocks

Dr: Landry what is that

Landry : porta pottys on a highrise

Dr: wow Landry I don't think I have ever seen anyone make porta pottys out of those.

Landry: I know I'm impressive..

Mommy: falling out of her chair laughing..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just another Boring Saturday

Let me just start by saying we left the house 11 hours and 25 minutes ago.. I feel like we have been on vacation and are coming back home.
To start the day off Landry had a basketball game, He won, he ALWAYS wins. They don’t keep score. They had fun
Then we ran to Us toys in Plano for Valentines Day goodie bags for school. Which by the way I think is a joke aren’t the valentines they get form their friends enough. Why should room moms be put thru the stress of giving them MORE candy and rinky-dink throw in the trash toys? But I do what I am told.
Off to the Heard Museum in McKinney. We were not the only people who had this brilliant idea. It was packed. But so much fun. The boys really liked the dinosaur exhibits. You go outside and walk down this nature trail and these HUGE dinosaurs growl and move at you. One even spit poison (water) at you. Of course that was Landry’s favorite. Lukas liked them all until we got to the really really big ones, then he liked them from a distance. He also thought it was funny his brother was getting spit on but so was not about to go over there and join him. It was a gorgeous day for it. Inside there was plenty to do too. There were tons of learning opportunities. They looked at things under microscopes. Felt different bones from different animals. Saw life cycle of a toad. Then there was every type of rattlesnake known to man. Ok maybe not every type but 20 of them and copperheads and king snakes. My hubby loves/hates snakes !! He gets the willy jillys just talking about them. It was a fun time and we will defiantly go back.
It was such a pretty day that we decided we couldn’t go home. So, we asked our Garmen where a park was. It sent us to the neatest, coolest park I have ever been to. It was huge!!! And it had a water spray park that was turned off inside of the park. So we are so going back there when it warms up. We played for almost 2 hours there.
So by now its 5:00 .. food …. Kids need to be fed.. What to do what to do… Frisco?? Gattis Town!!! Yippee!!! We are off to pig out at GattisTown!!! And play games and just have a good time. Poor little Lukas was doing the head bob thing at dinner. You know the I about to go to sleep in spaghetti bob. He made it to play games and that seemed to give him his second wind. Poor thing. I know he’s tired b/c I am.. But just another fun filled Saturday here at the Mullin house. Come on over. I’ll se if I can get you to fall asleep in your spaghetti too..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am loved!!

How cool is that. My good Friend Heather(Reese's View Of The World) gave me this too cute badge!! She says its because I give my children Gingerbread house for Beakfast. ( only at CHristmas) . I use to love Valentines day. THe day your daddy would give you a fudge heart,or original cookie heart. Then the day everyone ws talking aobut where you were going on that HOT date. We lived in Wichita Falls so our options were The Sizzler ( only very lucky girls got to go there) or Something that all the grown-up went to and you knew all you could order was salad becouse your poor date really couldn't afford it but was trying to impress you. Boy that sounds Pathetic huh?? Now, Its all about the kids. I have boys so really its all about acting surprised whrn they bring in their flowers and candy. This year, Valentines is after Lent sooo there goes the candy.. The boys of course will gte heart shapped pancakes, sandwiches and anything else I can find to cut into a heart. They really don't get it. I am just guessing that will stick with them fro the rest of their lives must be that Y chomosome thing.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mommy's weekend out

I just got back from our yearly Women's retreat at church. This year was all about how we as women tend to put everyone else first and if we get hurt or get a "boo boo" in the process we would just push it down and keep on forging ahead. It was great and I had no idea I did that but of course I do. Thinking of it I can't think of a women who doesn't. We have all put ourselves to the side for what ever is best for our families. The Speaker told us to try that weekend not to say say "fine" when someone asked how are you. Try to actually tell them whats going on. Now Of course this would not owrk in everyday life. An example: Landry was late to school this morning because Luke is sick. I was walking him in and the A.P. asked how we were my first response Oh Fine.. But seriouosly she did not want ot hear how many times I had cleaned up after Luke this morning. SO I think this is a great concept and a great learnig tool. But not practical for day to day living. But It did make me laugh when I said Oh Fine. B/c I actually thought well no not really..
Other than actually learning things about myself and having a great weekend of praise and worship. It was so much fun. We stayed up until 1:45 on Friday night talking and 2:00 on Saturday playing game and talking with a great group of Ladies. Its always so nice to reconnect with people.